Anchorage Municipality Criminal Records

Search free Anchorage Municipality AK crime records such as arrest records, warrant search, jail and prison records, inmate search, police records, sex offender registry, and court records.

Anchorage Municipality Clerks file important documents and preserve municipal records in order to maintain an archive for their municipality that can be accessed by the public in Anchorage Municipality, AK. The Clerk's Office is an important source for Anchorage Municipality crime records. Multiple court records can be obtained through the Clerk's Office, including Anchorage Municipality criminal case records for felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic infractions. Many Clerk's Offices provide online access to court records as well as online criminal history searches.

Anchorage County Clerk Anchorage AK 632 West 6th Avenue 99501 907-343-4312

Anchorage Municipality Courts maintain records on their cases and make these documents available to the public, including criminal records for felonies and misdemeanors, criminal violations, and traffic infractions in Anchorage Municipality, AK. There are many types of Anchorage Municipality courts, including municipal, district, superior, and appellate courts. You will need to know the Anchorage Municipality Criminal Court of record and have a name or the case number in order to locate a court case. Many courts also provide docket information for ongoing cases. Court records can often be requested online.

Anchorage District Court Anchorage AK 303 K Street 99501 907-264-0713

Anchorage Superior Court Anchorage AK 825 West 4th Avenue 99501 907-264-0471

Anchorage Municipality District attorneys are charged with prosecuting crimes in Anchorage Municipality, AK. The District Attorney's Office makes information on ongoing Anchorage Municipality criminal cases and upcoming court dates available to the public. Most District Attorney's Offices provide online access to current and recent Anchorage Municipality criminal records, excluding juvenile records and cases sealed by the court. If you need information on an ongoing criminal case, the District Attorney's Office can give you important information about the defendants involved in the case.

Anchorage County District Attorney Anchorage AK 310 K Street 99501 907-269-6300

Anchorage Municipality Jails and Prisons maintain records on current and former inmates in Anchorage Municipality, AK. This information is accessible to the public through the relevant Department of Corrections (DOC) or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. These Anchorage Municipality crime records contain information on a criminal's conviction and sentence, the facility where an inmate is incarcerated, and release dates. In order to locate jail and prison records, you will need a last name and supporting information such as an identification number, date of birth, and the inmate's incarceration status. Anchorage Municipality Jail and prison records are available online through county, state, or federal databases.

Anchorage Jail Anchorage AK 1400 East 4th Avenue 99501 907-269-4100

Mclaughlin Youth Center Anchorage AK 2600 Providence Drive 99508 907-261-4399

Anchorage Municipality Police Departments maintain records on criminal arrests, incidents reported to the police, and other criminal records in Anchorage Municipality, AK. Many of these Anchorage Municipality police records are available to the public, including 911 incident response reports, police incident reports, and witness statements in certain departments. Logs of Anchorage Municipality criminal arrests and search warrants are also public records. Some police records, particularly those involving ongoing cases or sensitive information, are sealed. Anchorage Municipality police departments provide online access to crime records online.

Anchorage Police Department Anchorage AK 4501 Elmore Road 99507 907-786-8500

Saint Paul Department of Public Safety Anchorage AK 100 Matthew Paul Way 99504 907-546-3130

Anchorage Municipality Probation Departments enforce court orders by monitoring probationers to prevent them from committing new crimes in Anchorage Municipality, AK. Probation departments maintain records on individuals currently or formerly under probation. Alaska law governs access to Anchorage Municipality probation records and may restrict certain information about a probationer. Contact the local Anchorage Municipality Probation Department if you need someone's probation or crime record.

Anchorage County Probation Department Anchorage AK 800 A Street 99501 907-334-2300

Bristol Bay Borough Probation Department Anchorage AK 550 West 7th Avenue 99501 907-707-1780

Anchorage Municipality Sheriffs maintain records on criminal arrests, incidents reported to the sheriff, traffic collision reports, and other criminal records in Anchorage Municipality, AK. Some sheriff's criminal records, particularly those involving ongoing cases or sensitive information, are not available to the public. Sheriff's Offices provide access to incident reports if you know some basic information about the incident, and provide useful information Anchorage Municipality criminal background checks.

Anchorage County Sheriff's Office Anchorage AK 4501 Elmore Road 99507 907-786-8900

Anchorage Municipality Town Halls and City Halls are the chief administrative offices that runs the town or city in Anchorage Municipality, AK. Town Halls and City Halls maintain records related to the locality, including criminal records. Many provide online access to local Anchorage Municipality crime reports.

Anchorage City Hall Anchorage AK 632 W 6th Ave 99501